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Sunni Path to expensive for you?


Many think Sunni Path is to expensive. Just think how much money we waste on t.v., junk food etc. But thats not my point Alhamdullah Sunni Path has several different payment options. Do check them they have covered everyones needs insha Allah

Special Tuition Rates

SunniPath Academy is committed to making its courses available to Muslims worldwide at an affordable tuition fee. To this end, we have set up a series of Special Tuition Rates catering to people in different personal situations and countries. We also offer need-based Financial Aid to deserving recipients.Substantial activities within SunniPath are non-profit. If you are financially able and willing to support SunniPath, please consider paying the full tuition rate.

Application to all Special Tuition Rates, with the exception of need-based Financial Aid, is based on the honor system. We trust that you will select Special Tuition Rates that truly reflect your personal situation and geographical regions. Where abuse of the honor system is detected, SunniPath reserves the right to reverse decisions on Special Tuition Rates as well course enrollment.

If you have any follow up questions about this or any other Special Tuition Rates, please submit a ticket to the Billing Department via the helpdesk at

Personal Situation. Click here for more details on the various forms of Special Tuition Rates pertaining to personal situation including Family Rate, Student Rates, Study Circle Rate, Repeat Course Rate, and New Muslim Rate.

Country. Click here for more details on the various forms of Special Tuition Rates pertaining to different countries.

Need-based Financial Aid. Click here for more details on need-based Financial Aid.

Pay in 3 Easy Payments


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