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some have asked how  the classes at sunnipath are going. So I decided to  write abouit it the classes I'm taking. Anyways here my word or two aboout each class

Matn abi shuja– Going through the mualamat of fiqh. A great deal more detailed than ibadah. covered business transactions,waq,lost and found and more. Alhamdulillah I really enjoy the class and as usual Shyakh Hamza teaching style really makes the class enjoyable for all

Oft repeated surah- So far have unpatched the many lessons with deep anyalsis of surah kahf and beginning of waqa'i.With a little  grammar through in for  fun. This is my  first class thought by Sidi Sohail Hanif. One can tell that he has been taught by Shaykh Ali and has benefitted greatly. Inshaa Allah other surahs beyond the ones offered in this course(surah kahf,waqa'i, and yaseen) will be covered in a difeen course

lawful and prohibted in the shafi'imadhhab– This course is very timely and great especialy for  us living in the west. One can say the one of the most important things one can  get out of this course is to have restraint and good adab.

The abolslute essentials of the shafi'i madhhab-The text taught comes from Habib Ahmad ibn zayn Habishi. Its a good starter course for shafi;i fiqh. Even if one has already studied  some or text int th shafi'i madhhab one can still benefit. If for nothing else from the barakat of the text(matn)

The other class I'm taking lessons fom the beloved prophet (sall Allahu alahi wa sallam)  I will comment in a different post


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