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Loving the prophet (sallAllahalaihi wa sallam)-This is the best and my favorite class I've ever taken Alhamdulillah for the blessing of SunniPath. Bringing out the true way and the importance of loving  the prophet(sall Allahu alaihi wa sallam).The main text used is:The Jurisprudence of the Prophetic Biography by Shaykh Muhammad Sa'id Ramadan Buti (May Allah preserve him) its been translated. We should see and reflect on the trials and tribulations that our beloved prophet (sallAllahu alahi wa sallam) and his sahabas (May Allah be pleased with them all) went through


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The people of knowledge are the heirs of the Prophets and and they inherit knowledge. The one who takes knowledge is taking an ample share. And if someone travels a path in quest of knowledge, Allah will make his path to the Garden

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