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The Proper way of apporaching other madhhabs

salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

While the bulk of the following article concerns Shafi`i fiqh, the first few pages of the article concerns the proper way of approaching other madhhabs, and the husn al-zann we should have when people slip.

Please note that I supplied the above title. The article's original title appears below.

* * *

Tahqiq Qira’at al-Fatiha min Tabyin Aqwal al-Qadima
(Roman, not transliterated-font, version)

Bis-millah wa-l-hamdulillah dhi-l-qadim ‘ani l-jadid wa-hadana bi-nurihi l-‘amim ila sirat al-mustaqim wa-nusalli wa-nusallim ‘ala rasulihi l-karim wa ba‘d.

This article is written in answer to the following question, for which purpose it is divided into two readings: (a) the fiqhi rulings relating to reciting the Fatiha as a Shafi‘i Ma’mum [follower] behind an Imam in an audible [Jahriyya] as opposed to an inaudible [Sirriyya] prayer; and (b) a historical and doctrinal explanation for the Qawl Qadim [First Position] as opposed to the Qawl Jadid [New Position] of the Imam al-Mujtahid al-Shafi‘i (may Allah be well pleased with him!) as understood and accepted by the Shafi‘i school, after which this article is named: Tahqiq Qira’at al-Fatiha min Tabyin Aqwal al-Qadima.


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