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Passing of Umm Ibrahim, the Wife of Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqubi

Passing of Umm Ibrahim, the Wife of Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqubi

Some time has passed since the tragic car accident and passing of Umm Ibrahim (Farizah al-Rabbat), the wife of our esteemed scholar, Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqubi, on April 10th, the sanctified day of the Maulid. The Zaytuna community particularly feels this loss, as we were blessed to have Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, Umm Ibrahim, and their children living here amongst us for over a year, in 2000-2001. In fact, Shaykh Muhammad was the first full-time resident scholar at Zaytuna. He taught and counseled countless students here, and Umm Ibrahim hosted several of them and was a close friend to many of the sisters in the Bay Area. She was also the milk-mother of Shaykh Hamza Yusuf’s son, Shaykh Abdar Rahman, who is now seven, and Shaykh Hamza’s family feels the loss in their household very personally.

A firm believer in the necessity for women to have full access to sacred knowledge, Umm Ibrahim constantly interceded for women in the community to make sure they would benefit from her husband’s profound knowledge and wisdom. For example, she asked Shaykh Muhammad—who, as always, gracefully complied—to teach a tajweed class for women who were teachers at a local Muslim school, as she wanted to ensure that these women would teach their students how to read the Book of Allah. Always willing to lend an ear, Umm Ibrahim counseled numerous women and loved to spend time with them. She touched the lives of many and is remembered fondly by the women at Zaytuna, the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, and everywhere else she went, for her piety, her warmth, her generosity, her energy and willingness to help everyone, and her smile.
We pray that Allah has mercy on her soul, that He eases the pain of this great loss on her family, and that he gives Aisha and Ibrahim full recovery from the wounds they suffered in the accident. We ask that you please pray for her and her family, particularly for her three children.

A Message from Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqubi

Dear Brother and Sisters,
Praise be to Allah in all states; all what comes from Him is sweet, as it is His decree according to His Will. We all belong to Him and to Him is our return. May His unbound prayers be on the best of creation, from whom He took his beloved and first wife, our mother Sayyida Khadija; may all Salutation be sent upon him and his family and offspring.
Over two weeks have passed since the tragic accident that took the life of my dear first wife and the mother of my children, Umm Ibrahim, Farizah al-Rabbat; may Allah shower her grave with His Infinite Mercy and make it a piece of the Garden. It has been a very difficult time for me and for my three children who also suffered various injuries.
It was your support, your consoling, and your du’a that gave me strength and stamina to cope with this tribulation. So, I must thank you all for your kind words, and for the recitals and the invocations you made for her and for our family. By the Bounty of Allah, the children have just come out of hospital, Ismail fully recovered, Ibrahim still undergoing some treatment and supervision, and Aisha waiting for further operations. I repeat my thanks to all the brothers and the sisters who have stood by us in this trial, and pray that Allah protect you and your beloveds from all calamities.

The Servant of the Seekers of the Sacred Knowledge
Honored by the lineage and the name of Muhammad

To read an article written by Shaykh Muhammad about the passing of Umm Ibrahim, please click here.


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