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What do leading scholars say about SunniPath?

What do leading scholars say about SunniPath?

    «This [SunniPath] is a tremendous blessing. These are the sorts of things that bring the most happiness to the heart of our Beloved Messenger, Allah bless him and give him peace.»
Habib Ali al-Jifri
    «The ability to participate in classes when one does not have the ability to be physically present is pioneering… the format is innovative… I encourage all of the Muslims to avail themselves of these most valuable and badly needed services.»
Imam Zaid Shakir
    «I ask Allah Mighty and Majestic that He take you [SunniPath] by the hands; that He guide through you; that He guide you; and that He make you in this age as the Companions and their Followers were in the age of the Righteous Predecessors (as-salaf as-salih).»
— Shaykh Ramadhan al-Bouti [Dua for SunniPath]
    «SunniPath is fulfilling a very important duty… I'm very impressed with their service and ask Allah that He grant them every success.»
— Shaykh Akram `Abdul Wahhab
    «This is something absolutely necessary. There will be tremendous benefit in it.»
Shaykh Adib Saleh
    «SunniPath provides an outstanding outlet for Muslims, and people of other faiths, to increase their understanding and appreciation of Islam.  With a wide range of services and materials, SunniPath is helping people on a daily basis practice their faith.  I pray that Allah will bless SunniPath, reward its founders, and make it a beacon of light for those seeking nearness to the Divine.  I pray that you will support their noble efforts with supplications at night and by spending something that will assist SunniPath towards its noble efforts and ideals.»
 — Imam Suhaib D. Webb

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