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GF Haddad – Shawwâl 1423

Abû Hurayra is ‘Abd al-Rah.mân ibn S.akhr al-Daws? al-Yamânî  raDiy-Allahu-anhu.gif (d. 57), formerly named ‘Abd al-Shams then renamed ‘Abd al-Rah.mân by the Prophet MHMD and nicknamed by him Abû Hirr.[1] Accordingly, he disliked being called with the feminine form “Hurayra”[2] which has nevertheless acquired overwhelming fame in the Community.Our Principal Source of Knowledge of the Messenger of Allâh MHMD

Abû Hurayra is the most abundant Companion-narrator of h.adîth from the Prophet MHMD, having accompanied him day and night at home and abroad, in public and in private, on pilgrimage and military expeditions. The number of those who narrated from him reached 800 including both Companions and Successors.

At the burial of Abû Hurayra Ibn ‘Umar said: “He preserved the h.adîth of the Prophet MHMD for the Muslims” and “O Abû Hurayra! You were the most assiduous among us in accompanying the Messenger of Allâh MHMD, and the most knowledgeable of us all in his h.adîth.”[3] Abû Ayyûb al-Ans.ârî said: “Abû Hurayra heard what we did not hear, and I certainly prefer to narrate from him than to quote the Prophet MHMD [on my own].” Hence, al-Shâfi`î named Abû Hurayra “The foremost in memorization among those who narrated h.adîth in his time” meaning both the Companions and Successors.


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