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Structuring time


As sallamu aliaikum

With the blessed month of Ramadan approaching inshaa Allah the article below will help us all use or time wisely in Ramadan and out of Ramadan inshaa Allah

Structuring Time 
Answered by Imam Al-Haddad

Structuring time

          The Proof of Islam (may God’s mercy be on him) wrote in his book The
          Beginning of Guidance [Bidayat al-Hidaya], in the chapter “Preparing for
          the Ritual Prayers”:
          You should not neglect your time or use it haphazardly; on the
          contrary, you should bring yourself to account, structure your litanies
          and other practices during each day and night, and assign to each period
          a fixed and specific function. This is how to bring out the spiritual
          blessing [baraka] in each period. But if you leave yourself adrift,
          aimlessly wandering as cattle do, not knowing how to occupy yourself at
          every moment, your time will be lost. It is nothing other than your
          life, and your life is the capital that you make use of to reach
          perpetual felicity in the proximity of God the Exalted. Each of your
          breaths is a priceless jewel, since each of them is irreplaceable and,
          once gone, can never be retrieved. Do not be like the deceived fools who
          are joyous because each day their wealth increases while their life
          shortens. What good is an increase in wealth when life grows even
          shorter? Therefore, be joyous only for an increase in knowledge or in
          good works, for they are your two companions who will accompany you in
          your grave when your family, wealth, children, and friends stay behind.


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