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Essentials of Islam (Maliki) Taught on SunniPath

Maliki  on SunniPath – Now the Malikis’ can stop crying (just kidding) 

Essentials of Islam (Maliki)
Matn al-`Ashmawiyah Explained

Essentials of Islam (Maliki)

Base Tuition $175.00
Your Tuition $175.00
  •   Learn the absolute essentials of worship that is obligatory for every Muslim to know in this vital course on the basics of purity, prayer, and fasting according to the Maliki school. Tuition Rate: US: $175 USD
    Student and Regional Pricing availableTeacher: Shaykh Ramzy Ajem
    Course Code: LAW100-M
    Course Format: Pre-Recorded Lessons with Weekly Live Sessions
    Semester: Spring 2007 (February 15 – May 19, 2007)
    Live Session Time: Saturday 9 PM – 11 PM GMT Convert to your time zone

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Code :LAW100-M

At a Glance:

  • A key first-step in your religious learning according to the school of the Imam of Medina
  • Cover a classical primer by Al-Shaykh Abd al-Bari al-`Ashmawiy al-Rifa’i
  • Bring clarity to your worship and practice
  • Understand the absolute essentials of making your worship valid, sound, and proper in accordance with the Prophetic Sunna
  • Perfect for beginners or for those who want to solidify their comprehension of the topic


The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and give him peace, said “Whoever Allah wishes well for, He gives understanding of religion” [Bukhari and Muslim]. The most beneficial knowledge a person can obtain is knowledge related to how one should properly worship one’s Lord, for worship is not possible without knowledge. Learn the absolute essentials of worship in this short but vital course on the basics of purification, prayer, and fasting according to the Maliki school.

Al-Shaykh Abd al-Bari al-`Ashmawiy al-Rifa’i’s (d. 510 A.H.) Matn al-‘Ashmawiyah is a short, introductory work with fourteen chapters that has been classically used as a primer in the Maliki school. This text has traditionally been used to mark one’s start towards learning other key texts of the school.

This course on the absolute essentials of Islam with Shaykh Ramzy’s translation of this work and other related commentaries to cover what is personally obligatory for a Muslim to know immediately regarding matters of purity, prayer, and fasting. You will gain an understanding of how to practically implement this personally obligatory knowledge in your life. The class is perfect for beginners or for those who want to solidify their comprehension of this topic.

The instructor of this course, Shaykh Ramzy, was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, but spent many years abroad studying in Syria and Morocco. He received permission to teach fiqh and other fundamental fields of sacred knowledge from his teacher Sidi Sheikh al-Haj Muhammad al-Ghali of the Ancient Madrasah of Tanālat in Southern Morocco.

The course will consist of approximately twelve pre-recorded lessons with Shaykh Ramzy along with nine weekly live sessions. There are no required prerequisites, but this course will serve as a foundation for future courses with a more detailed elaboration and expansion of the topic.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Nullification of Ablution
  • Types of Water with which Ablution is Permitted
  • Ablution; Its Integral, Sunna, & Meritorious Elements
  • Ritual Bath; Its Integral, Sunna & Meritorious Elements
  • Dry Ablution
  • Conditions of the Ritual Prayer
  • Integrals of the Ritual Prayer
  • Sunna, Meritorious & Offensive Elements of the Ritual Prayer
  • Recommended Prayers
  • Invalidation of the Ritual Prayer
  • Prostration of Forgetfulness
  • Imam & the Group Prayer
  • Friday Prayer
  • Funeral Prayer
  • Fasting

Requirements and Recommendations:

  • High-speed internet connection
  • Microphone

Text & Related Resources:

  • Slides with a summary of key points will add structure and facilitate note-taking.
  • All live lessons will be recorded, so that you can hear lessons you miss or review key concepts.
  • Students can post questions and engage in discussion in the course forum.
  • The teacher and the teaching assistant will be available to answer personal questions via email.
  • Assignments and self-study drills will be used to help test your understanding of the material.
  • Instructor will hold office hours.


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