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Types of Tafsir

The Scholars have categorized the types of tafsir into Tafsir bil riwaya (tafsir through narration) and Tafsir Bil Ma’thur (Tafsir through sound reasoning)

Examples of Tafsir bil Ma’thur are: Tasfir ibn Kathir or Tafsir Tabari

Examples of Rational based Tafsir (Tafsir bil Ra’i) are by Razi or Alusi, Baydawi

The Scholars have also explained that the Qur’an Kareem can be explained through the following sequence:

1) Qur’an explained through Qur’an

2) Qur’an explained through the Prophet (sall Allahu alaihi wa sallam)

3)  Qur’an explained through the sahaba

4) Qur’an explained through Tab’in

5) Qur’an explained through the Arabic language

6) Qur’an explained through Sound Reasoning


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  1. I need examples of all of the above except the quran explained by the quran (2 for each)

    i can not use the examples given in the uloom al quran book

  2. I want know the explanation that sheikh uthymeen and sheikh al-bani did on the type of tafseer

  3. i realy enjoyed browzing through this web

  4. I want to knw the meaning of tafsir and list and explain and the centres of Tafsir

  5. Thank you so much, may God bless you for this it is really helping.

  6. How many classes did tafsir bil ma’thur classified?

  7. naphieserrumah

    This Web is rili helpful, thanks may almighty Allah continue to bless u wth the knowledge; plzzzz can u give me an example of a book under tafsirul Qur’ani bil Qur’an???

  8. Dr.Hashim Isyaku

    Mu God give you a full reword in order to inter his (jannatil fiddaus) . Becouse of the open this side


    Pls i need extensive explanation about tarjama and ta,wil. Thank u.

  10. I need more explaination on tafsir and it’s importance

  11. Masha Allah,may Allah reward you.


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