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Women Scholars of Hadith

This is a great article on the women of our ummah and there scholarship

The idea is widespread that Islam, if
practised in any social order, enforces
the inferiority of women. In fact this
idea is so widespread that the very
concept of women Islamic scholars
sounds like a contradiction – as if to
say, you can’t have both in the same
society – you can’t have both Islam and
women Islamic scholars or, if you can,
the women scholars could never have
the respect and authority, the public
recognition, accorded to men scholars.

I am here to inform and assure you that women Islamic scholars did exist in Islamic society
and that, fortunately, they are beginning to emerge again in good number. I have just finished
writing in Arabic a biographical dictionary of some 8000 women scholars in just one field of the
Islamic sciences, namely the ˆad‚th – the study of the words and deeds, the teaching and
practice, of the Prophet, ‰alla-ll~hu `alayhi wa-sallam. This dictionary spans the whole period from
the first to the fifteenth (the present) centuries of Islam. It covers all the regions of the world
traditionally associated with Islam, although I must report that, so far, I have been unable to find
as much information as I would wish relating to Southeast Asia (the Malaysia/Indonesia region)
or to western China, both areas where Islam has been long established.


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