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Ramadan Prepration

Here is a link for a previous talk on Ramadan Prepration by Imam Zaid Shakir ( May Allah preserve him). Along with a upcoming course on the same subject by the second to none online Islamic Academy SunniPath. Inshaa Allah its of some benefit. Keep the faqir in your du’a

Ramadan and You

The Outward and Inward Dimensions of Fasting

GNL032 - Ramadan and You Course

Course Summary

This four-week course will prepare you for the coming month of Ramadan through covering both the outward and inward dimensions of fasting. You will learn the rulings of fasting according to either the Hanafi or Shafi’i school of law and learn how to make the most of the month. Special issues pertaining to women, new Muslims, and busy schedules will also be covered.


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