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Great atricle on Hijrah and Muslim Utopia

The Truth About Hijrah-Mijrah

Salaam ‘Alaikum

Tell Me a Story

If you don’t like bleak facts when it comes to anything connected to your diyn, don’t read. If you don’t like ambivalence, don’t read. If you’re floating on a cloud of idealism, don’t read. If you’re stuck in the swamps of cynicism, don’t read.

But if you agree about grey, then come along. If your head is level, then read. If you’re thinking about leaving the US, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, or whatever Western country where you were born and grew up for “the Muslim lands,” to make hijrah, then read this. If you’re thinking of doing this and you have children, then read. Unfortunately, I believe that some of the people who most need to hear this are those who refuse to read this “deviant” blog.

Once upon a time, I thought it was a great idea to move to a Muslim country. Let’s all pack up and move! That was a long time ago, sweethearts.


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The people of knowledge are the heirs of the Prophets and and they inherit knowledge. The one who takes knowledge is taking an ample share. And if someone travels a path in quest of knowledge, Allah will make his path to the Garden

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