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Goal of fasting

Still time to reap some of tremedous rewards of fasting. Imam Ghazali has stated in his book The Beginning of Guidance (Al-Bidayat Hidaya)

The aim of fasting is to oppose (break) your appetites (desires) and to double your capacity for works of Taqwa. If,then, you eat food equal to what  has passed from you, you have thereby made up for what has passed from you, and there is no advantage in your fast, while in addition you find your stomach oppressive. There is no vessel more hateful to God than a stomach full of unlawful food. What then if what fills is  unlawful?

So when you understood what it means to fast, do so as much as you can, for it is the foundation of devotinal practices and the key of good works. The Messenger of God (sall Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said:

“God most high said,’Everygood deed is rewarded by from ten to seven-hundred like deeds,except fasting, for that is Mine and I Myself reward it’.”

In another part of this great book one  of true men of Allah Imam Ghazali states:

“When one of you fast do not imagine that fasting is merely abstaining from food,drink,and martial intercourse . Muhammad (sall Allahu alaihi wa sallam ) said ” Many a one fast  has nothing from his fast save hunger amd thirst”.


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