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Is There No Arafat Except the One in Arafat?

Is There No Arafat Except the One in Arafat?
By Abdullah bin Hamid Ali

In addition to the ongoing disagreements over when Ramadan begins and ends, there is a dispute every year over whether or not the correct day of Arafat is the one being observed by those making the pilgrimage to Mecca. A considerable number of Muslims assume that Islam demands that every Muslim community in the world adjust their local calendars to conform to the Saudi Arabian Islamic calendar, since, naturally, there can be only one day of Arafat. Consequently, even if the day of Arafat of the local calendar is one day after the day it is observed in Saudi Arabia, the reward for fasting this special day for non-pilgrims


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    Mashallah very informative blog.keep it up.


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