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Hikam of ibn Atallah Hikam on Destiny

#3. The foremost energies cannot pierce the walls of foreordained destinies.

This hikma is in reality a completion for the hikma that comes before it. Ibn ‘Ata’ Allah – rahimahullâh – had asked us to conform with the reality in which Allah has placed us. The measuring-scale for this reality is the most noble Law. If you see that Allah Almighty has placed you within the screens of ambient causes which are all forbidden: then Allah is testing you with disposses­sion (al-tajrîd). What is required of you is to move away from these causes which Allah Almighty has not authorized, and rely on Allah for the obtain­ment of your wants. But if you see yourself placed within the screens of ambient causes to which the Law has unlocked wide and licit paths – and the way in which you use them is licit – then know, at that time, that Allah has placed you in the world of causes (‘âlam al-asbâb). What is required of you is to in­ter­act with these causes, and not to substitute them with complete trust (ta­wak­kul) in Allah Almighty. Complete trust is required anyway; however, you are obligated, in such a condition, to interact with those causes that are licit and, at the same time, trust in Allah. That is the gist of the previous hikma:


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  1. Masha’Allaah, do you know whereI can get hold of Al-Hikam by Ibn Atillaah Asakandari?

  2. peace and blessings.

    we had a nice seminar here:

    Al Hikam of Ibn Ataillah’s book. An event organized by Green Mountain School.



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