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What is Beginning of Guidance and Taqwa By Imam Ghazali

5) What is the Beginning of Guidance

If, then, you ask, what is the Beginning of Guidance in order that I may test my soul thereby? Know that the beginning of guidance is outward Taqwa or devoutness ( being always conscious of your Lord) and the end of guidance is inward Taqwa. There is no guidance except to Mutaqeen (those who are mindful of God).

6) (Al-Ghazali defining Taqwa

The Taqwa designates carrying out the commands of God Most high and turning aside from what He prohibts, and thus (Taqwa) has two parts (Acts of Obedience and Avoidance of Prohibitions). In what follows I expound to you briefly the outward aspect of the science of Taqwa in both its parts.

The Beginning of Guidance p 11

Translated and Edited by Mashhad Al-Allaf


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