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The Destructive trait of Arrogance (kibr)

Pride and aggronace,(‘ujb and kibr) is the chronic disease. It is man’s consideration of himself with the eye of self-glorfication and self-importance and his consideration of other’s with the eye of contempt. The result as regards the tongue is that he says, ‘I and I’ as accursed Iblis (Satan) said:

“I am better than he ; Thou hast created me of fire, but him (Adam) Thou hast created of clay” (Qur’an,7:12 and 38:76)

The fruit of it in society is self-exaltion and selfadvancement  and the endeavor to be formost in discussions and resentment when what one says is contradicted.

The arrorgant man (or woman) is he who, when he gives advice, harshly crticizes, but, when he receives it, is dismissive. Every one who considers himslef better than a creatures of God most high is arrogrant.

The Beginning of Guidance (Biday al-Hidaya)

Imam Ghazali translated by Mashhad Al-Allaf pg 67


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