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Tajweed to be taught at SeekersGuidance

If one wishes to learn tajweed from the basics level or just to refresh what on already knows. Do check out the tajweed course offered at taught by Shaykh Ilyas.

Proper Qur’anic Recitation: A Clear Introduction to Tajweed

A Clear Introduction to Tajweed
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Tajweed for Beginners-Theory and Practice

-Course material: Tajweed for Beginners (which will be posted out to students)

-Additional lesson notes, articles, and diagrams

-Limited number of students

-Application of rules during recitation

-Q & A Forum

-Teacher office hours


Study and practice the rules of tajweed from al-Fatiha, Aayatul-Kursi,Sura Yaseen,Sura al-Rahman and the last ten Surahs. Gain basic mastery of Tajweed rules and recitation of Qur’an with a live teacher’s dictation and complete feedback


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