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<!–Note that we are not holding any Toronto-based classes in 2009. All classes in 2009 will be fully online. Costs, timings, and hours of instruction etc. are explained on our Online Arabic Courses page.

Alhamdulillah, based on a recently completed review, the Toronto Shariah part-time program format is being revised to suit the needs of the students.

–>Why be interested?

  • Have you been sporadically going to halaqas for years, but have little or nothing to show for it?
  • Do you crave a serious course that doesn’t seem like a “guilty conscience assuager” but actually teaches you something?
  • Do you want to go beyond the numerous lectures/conferences but don’t know where to go?
  • Do you want an organized curriculum, with textbooks, punctual, regular sessions, a clear path and a beginning and end-goal?
  • Have you been raised here and can’t access courses in foreign languages?
  • Do you constantly dream of going overseas for Islamic education but don’t have the time/money/freedom-from-responsibility to do so?
  • If you answer Yes to any of these questions then you should seriously consider this course.

    To give you the best possible idea of what is being offered, an entire week’s worth of content has been placed on our Audio Samples Page.

    What follows is a summary of our goals and methods being employed since 2003.

    The “Foundations Program” in Classical Arabic Grammar is designed to take students with no more than basic recognition of the Arabic alphabet and turn them into the most proficient grammarians, able to independently read and comprehend classical Islamic texts in subjects such as Fiqh, Hadith, and Tafseer, all in the shortest possible time.<!– designed to develop extremely solid Arabic grammar skills in students, who start with no more than basic recognition of the Arabic alphabet, and make them highly proficient in it. In a very short time, students are able to independently read and comprehend classical Islamic texts in subjects such as Fiqh, Hadith, and Tafseer. –>

    In a systematic manner, the course quickly moves through the essentials of both Arabic Grammar and Morphology required in order to decipher the manuals. In-class reading of “vowel-less” texts by students themselves begins in the 6th month of the program and continues until the end. Carefully chosen texts in various Islamic disciplines are introduced gradually into the program to maximize the deciphering capabilities of students.

    Summary of the ‘Foundations Program’ structure:

  • Two-year part-time program
  • Two 12-week semesters (Winter and Fall)
  • Two 8-week spring and summer semesters
  • Commitment of 7 hours per week, 5 pre-recorded, and 2 live
  • Program Features:


  • Classes will be structured into four 40-minute sessions with a 20 minute break after the first two classes.
  • –>

  • Classes will be taught at a moderate pace, with new concepts introduced at a pace conducive to learning, allowing students time to familiarize with the concepts and establish a stronger base in grammar.
  • Clear expectations will be communicated at the beginning of each semester (course format, syllabus, books, class hours, expected outcomes etc.)
  • Students will be given assignments to supplement class room learning. Typically this would include:
    1) Determining various verb groupings and identifying irregularities within verbs.
    2) Revising portions of text, deciphering meanings of words, grammatical analysis of sentence structures.
  • Online aids to provide additional support.
  • <!–

  • Students will have the opportunity to compliment their studies with online courses at no extra cost.
  • Classes being held at our learning institute will be broadcast online live in real time, as well as archived and recorded for later listening. Students attending the venue will have complete access to login required for the web conference and archived recordings at no cost.
  • –>

  • 1-2 week break will be provided between new semesters and a five-week break for Ramadan.
  • Additional breaks will be given after normally 4-5 weekends of continuous class, giving students opportunity to revise and consolidate material.
  • There will be a mid-term and end of semester exam. Students with low grades will be given conditional entry to the next level based on demonstrable future progress.
  • The first day of the new semester will be designated for review.
  • An important intent of the program is to enhance mutual Adab, a core concept towards Islamic learning and living.
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