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SeekersGuidance Summer 2009 Courses

SeekersGuidance 2009 Spring Semester Banner
New Semester … New Instructors … New Courses

Summer 2009 Registration is now open. Come and join our growing community of seekers today! We are introducing 2 new instructors and 4 new courses.
Register early … and save 20% off regular course fees

SeekersGuidance is committed to offering affordable classes. If you register early, you will receive an additional 20% discount. So register today and begin your quest for beneficial knowledge without putting strain on your budget. Early Registration ends on May 5th. Click here to view the Summer 2009 Academic Calendar.

Meet our new instructors

Shaykh Mufti Mohamed-Umer Esmail is a Canadian-born scholar with an Ijaza in Hanafi Fiqh, 10 major books of Hadith, Tafsir, Tajwid, and the Ten Qira’at. He is authorized in Ifta’ (giving legal verdicts) and has expertise in the fiqh of Islamic Finance.

Shaykh Yahya Rhodus is an American-born scholar who studied various Islamic Sciences with Shaykh Hamza Yusuf and a number of distinguished Mauritanian and Yemeni scholars, including Shaykh Khatry, Shaykh Abdullah Ould Ahmadna, Shaykh Murabit al-Hajj, Habib `Ali al-Jifry, and Habib `Umar bin Hafiz.

Browse our new courses

Visit our website to browse through our full course catalogue and listen to the samples of lectures. This semester we are offering the following four brand new courses:

 More Views      *  Islamic Parenting: Prophetic Guidance on Raising ChildrenThis course is based on two texts, Simt al-`Uqyan (A Thread of Pure Gold) and its commentary. Simt al-`Uqyan is a classical text on parenting written 500 years ago by Imam Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Ramli who was one of the leading authorities of the Shafi`i school in the tenth century after Hijra. Its commentary was authored by the Yemeni scholar Shaykh Abdullah ibn Ahmad Basudan in the thirteenth century after Hijra.

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani & Ustadha Shireen Ahmed
$79 | 12 weeks

Imam Ghazali's Faith in Divine Unity and Trust in Divine ProvidenceThis course is based on Book XXXV of The Revival of the Religious Sciences (Ihya `Ulum al-Din) by Imam al-Ghazali. It explains the meaning of faith in Divine Unity (Tawhid) and trust in Divine Providence (Tawakkul), and details how both formal religious knowledge and one’s state of being are to be combined in pursuit of the Ultimate Reality in our daily lives.
Shaykh Yahya Rhodus
$79 | 12 weeks

Introduction to the Rules of Qur'anic Recitation (Tajwid) - Part OneThis is the first part of four courses that constitute the Jazari Certificate of Proficiency in Qur’anic Recitation. Students will learn the basics of Qur’anic recitation, including the proper pronunciation of the Arabic letters, the special symbols which appear in the Arabic text, and the various rules associated with each of the letters. Upon successful completion of this four-part series, the students will be awarded the Jazari Certificate of Completion in Qur’anic Recitation. Those whom the instructor feels have demonstrated sufficient mastery will receive the Jazari Certificate for Instruction (Ijazah) in Qur’anic Recitation. The course includes 12 pre-recorded theory lessons and 12 practice sessions in groups of six students.

Shaykh Umer Esmail
$149 | 12 weeks

Mawsuli's Mukhtar: WorshipIn this advanced course, students will learn the evolution of the Science of Qira’at and the rules pertaining to reciting the Qur’an according to the seven most prevalent methods of recitation. This will be done through study of the classical reference text in the science of recitations, the famous poem Hirz al-Amani wa Wajh al-Tahani, written by Imam Abu Muhammad Al-Qasim al-Shatibi, also known as the Shatibiyya. Upon successful completion of this three-part series, the students will receive the Shatibi Certificate of Completion. Those whom the instructor feels have demonstrated sufficient mastery will receive the Shatibi Certificate for Instruction (Ijazah) in this sacred science.The course includes 24 pre-recorded lessons and 48 live sessions.
Shaykh Umer Esmail
$199 | 24 weeks

Why SeekersGuidance?
Affordable Courses | Accessible Instructors | Reliable Scholarship
Downloadable Lessons | Inspiring Media | Clear Answers
Relevant on-the-ground programs for advanced seekers as well as beginners

SeekersGuidance is an Islamic educational portal that provides relevant courses, clear answers and inspiring media. Courses are offered in Islamic law (fiqh), belief (`aqida), Prophetic guidance, and Qur’anic studies.

SeekersGuidance | Outreach | Toronto | ON | Canada


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