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Medicinal & Environmental uses of Bukhur

Medicinal & Environmental uses of Bukhur

By: Qazi Shaikh Abbas Borhany Religious Scholar & Attorney At Law
Bukhoor is the smoke of fragrance created by the burning chips of Agarwood or pieces of mix fragrant ingredients bind by sugar-syrup. When burnt slowly it produces a more concentrated smell. These chips are burnt in Bukhur burners to perfume the surrounding and clothing specifically on occasions of all seasons.

Not only Prophets of Bani Israel, but Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.), and his companions used Bukhur regularly and more specifically, on the day of Jumma.

Through the powerful Prophethood institution this Sunnat was largely promoted firstly in Arabia and afterward in the vast territory of the Muslim world. It is a tradition in the Arabian Peninsula to pass Bukhoor around to guests.

Bukhur preparation originated exclusively from the beautiful region of Yemen. It comes from the highest peak of Yemen, Shibaam, where the famous shrine of the celebrated Sirat-biographer and historian, Syedna Idris Imaduddin is located. According to the valuable source of “Qaratees al Yamaniyah”, during the period of Suleyhi Power, first from Sanaa and later Zeejiblah, a large quantity of costly Bukhur along with other fragrances were regularly presented to the Al Haramyn al Sharefyin, Kabah and Rauzat al Nabawi.

It was the illustrious Queen of Yemen, Arwa Suleyhi, who sent large wooden boxes of Bukhur to Najaf, Karbala and Misar in Ramazan, Muharram and Milaad occasions. When it was burnt the atmosphere of the sacred cities became very pleasant and people knew that the Gift of Yemen reached its destination.

Similarly, while educated Suleyhi Queen Arwa conducted a series of lectures on the Sciences of Islam, behind the curtain, among the erudite scholars of Arabia as well as Indian Subcontinent, the Agarwood burner spread the fragrance, which created a pious atmosphere. Learned students achieved both the benefits simultaneously and spiritual knowledge with precious fragrances.

Recently scholars of the West reported that Bukhur provided the right mood for a person, enabling them to concentrate for long periods at a time. Regular Bukhur users burn it in the morning to set the mood and freshen the atmosphere. It also relaxes and allows people to loosen-up & lighten-up after a meal.

Some 225 years ago, distinguished Intellectual of Yemen, Syedi Abdulqadir bin Qazi Habibullah revealed in his book several benefits of Bukhur:

• Bukhur alters moods to bring peaceful, tranquil, refreshing, uplifting & inspiring feelings

• Bukhur opens the mind to spirituality & diverts from worldly impurities

• Bukhur keeps the mind allert & encourages it in solitude

• Bukhur gives the mind leisure when it is busy

• Age does not affect the efficacy of Bukhur & its habitual use causes no harm

• Burning Bukhur is a soothing & uplifting activity.

• It is a good haemostatic, antiseptic and a good healing agent

• Applied on wounds internally subsidies the inflammation of UTI & respiratory tract infections

• It dispels malicious & distressing psychic forces

• Improves memory

(“Al Risalatil Nadirah Fil Attur al Fakhirah”, Syedi Abdulqadir bin Qazi Habibullah, manuscript, Hiraaz, Yemen).


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